How I got featured on Hacker News - case study

My article about JSON Web Tokens recently got featured on Hacker News. The article received over 300 points and there was a good discussion under the story as well, with »

JSON Web Tokens (JWT) vs Sessions

What is JWT? In essence it's a signed piece of data in JSON format. Because it's signed the recipient can verify its authenticity. Because it's JSON it weights very little. »

Troubleshooting after upgrading to Ubuntu 16.04

The long awaited Ubuntu 16.04 came out and I decided to jump on it straight away. I was upgrading from 15.10. The upgrade went fine, even though it »

Protractor and headless Chrome on Docker (with video tutorial)

Parallel test execution and Jenkins are probably the most frequent use cases for headless browser running under Protractor’s control. There are a few options available, and your choice will »

Synergy on steroids

What you can see in this picture is a classic example of synergy. Two ideas gave birth to something greater than the sum of its parts. A very geeky joke. »

Screen brightness on Intel - Ubuntu 14.04

Some people, including myself, have problems with hardware screen brightness buttons on laptops equipped with Intel graphics card. Not a big thing, one might say, but I like when things »