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Synergy on steroids

What you can see in this picture is a classic example of synergy. Two ideas gave birth to something greater than the sum of its parts. A very geeky joke.

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History of new synergy

The origins of every revolutionary idea are very important. Here it is then.

On a sunny English morning I was having a chat with my friend. Having had a good brekky we were in good moods, enjoing the weather and nice views. The flow of funny conversation and free associations was generously supported by caffeine rush from 4-shot morning coffee. Our talk seemed to be following path leading on the verge of reality and paved with bursts of hearty laugh.

Before we new it, without any warning we entered the realm of Great Ideas. And then we saw it. It appeared suddenly, like a train in a tunnel, which you walk through ignorant of what can happen. Just in front of us, speeding in our direction, with its cheeky smile. The superior, binary version of good older 1+1=3.

And at that very moment I knew that the world should find out.

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Synergy on steroids
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