Synergy on steroids

What you can see in this picture is a classic example of synergy. Two ideas gave birth to something greater than the sum of its parts. A very geeky joke. »

Screen brightness on Intel - Ubuntu 14.04

Some people, including myself, have problems with hardware screen brightness buttons on laptops equipped with Intel graphics card. Not a big thing, one might say, but I like when things »

Multiple fields validation in AngularJS

Recently, I came across an interesing problem. String, representing a date, which has to be shown to the user as three dropdowns in the UI. Obviously, there has to be »

Yet another Ubuntu laptop - DELL Inspiron 17R

When I had to buy a new laptop I wanted something both performing and working nicely with Ubuntu. I am quite fond of DELL laptops and luckily, there are plenty »

Namespaces, inheritance and dynamic loading in JavaScript

It is said that every job has its tool. Some of them are yet to be created. Just recently I needed the right tool for some job, namely managing namespaces, »

How IE6 caused The Dark Decade of the Web

If each developer in the world gave me a penny for every time they were swearing at IE6 then I could possibly be the richest man on the planet. The »